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Recycled Pallet & Barn Wood Products

We take discarded pallet and barn wood pieces and recycle them into beautiful works of art. These unique recycled wood products are made out of barn wood, wood pallets and crates that were destined for the dump or a burn pile somewhere.

By recycling these materials we are not only saving trees but also reducing waste in the landfills.

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Recycled Pallet & Barn Wood Tea Lights

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Recycled Pallet Wood Coffee Coasters
Shop our selection of tea lights made out of recycled pallet and barn wood. Each piece is beatiful and unique due to the nature of the wood used.   Shop our recycled pallet wood coffee coasters. Each piece starts out as a rough pallet. We turn that pallet into a functional work of art.

About Us

Recycled Pallet Products began as an idea on our homestead. We had a lot of pallet wood scraps and barn wood on hand...

Recycled Pallet Wood

We use only Heat Treated (HT) pallet wood, which contains no chemicals and is safe for indoor use. Most of our pallet wood was...

Reclaimed Barn Wood

A couple years ago I was offered an entire barn that was about 100 years old. The guy who was demolishing the barn...